I have always found health and fitness fascinating. I am somewhat of a “fitness nut,” as I take great care of my body. I am always learning about the latest diets, fitness trends and health foods. And I wanted to share my passion with others.

It is when I decided to start my own health and wellness magazine. A resource that fellow health and fitness-fanatics could browse through to help in their journey. The magazine started out as a small operation. We only had a few writers and sent out a PDF of the magazine to some of our readers.

Now we are one of the largest circulated magazines in [Canadian province]. You may even find our magazine at some news stands around the area. Our readership is into the thousands every single month, with many of our readers showing their support with additional donations.

Writing about health and wellness is very tricky. It is easy to get caught up in fad diets and exercise programs. It is why so many health magazines do not appeal to me. With our magazine, I wanted to make sure that we were doing the appropriate research before presenting a story to our readers.

When there is a new fitness product, health tip or diet emerging, we do months of research before putting out a feature story. We may do shorter pieces highlighting the popularity of the diet or explaining how it works, but we do not review or make recommendations about anything without months of work.

It is why our readers can trust what we have to say. When we say a particular diet or fitness trend is safe and healthy, you can trust that we have done our homework. And we take no sponsorships from companies or health personalities, as we do not want any financial arrangements putting down on our journalistic integrity.