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Fundamentals of a Great Diet Plan

People who want to lose a significant amount of weight are always confused about the best approach. Should they be fasting themselves until they lose weight? Is the goal to exercise until you drop each day? Or is some fad diet, such as keto or Atkins, the way to go?

Today we are going to explore the fundamentals of a great diet plan. Such plans are ideal for people who need to lose 20 pounds or more. Losing this amount of weight is considered a long term diet, as it is not something you can accomplish in a healthy way in a few weeks.

Counting Calories

The most important principle to remember for any diet is to count calories. Losing weight is about calories. The equation is calories in subtracted by calories burned. If the calories in are more than calories burned, the person will gain weight. If it is equal, they maintain weight. If calories in are lower, they lose weight.

Someone who eats 1500 calories a day and burns 2500 has a difference of -1000. It means they are burning 1000 calories worth of weight from their body. And 3500 equals a pound. So in a week, this person would lose two pounds if they maintained their eating and calorie burning for all seven days.

Eating Foods You Enjoy

The mistake a lot of people make is to add so many foods into their diet that are not enjoyable for them to eat. It is not the right move. You can have a day full of unpleasant meals for a few days. Maybe a week. But thinking that you can go a month or two months with an unpleasant meal plan is a recipe for disaster. You will give up on your diet within days.

Yes, a diet should include healthier foods. More fruits, vegetables and lean meats. Less red meat, processed foods and sugars. But a balance must be found. Keep in mind, the most important principle is calories. So long as you are being healthier than before and keeping your calories under control, you should add meals that you enjoy eating.

Exercise Moderately

Another mistake for heavy dieters is to exercise until you drop. Why? Because the more you exercise, the more you will want to eat. And binge eating after 2 hours of strenuous exercise will end up with more calories eaten than burned!

It is best to control calories and exercise moderately, such as jogging for 20 minutes a day. As you lose more weight and feel fitter, says you can slowly build up the amount of time you spend exercising.